We aim to achieve maximized organizational agility along with increased market share and profitability through our industry best practices.
Services We Offer

Our services enable organizations to meet the most challenging IT problems through innovative solutions in areas like Application Development, Product Development, Enterprise Application Integration, Product Engineering, Product Maintenance and Testing Services.


PMAM has been instrumental in developing innovative solutions to measure up to the high standards set by its clients and provide them with the means to interact with developers to gain full control of the development cycle at all times.


We execute our processes with the help of extensive planning, understanding the requirements, analysis & design, implementation, deployment, testing and evaluation along with the usage of PPMS software which simplifies the management of projects. Our partnerships help us in delivering quality services to our customers and in identifying further areas of improvement.


PMAM offers industry specific expertise across industries such as Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Staffing, Logistics, Call Center, Government Organizations, Merchandizing companies and Franchise business.

Our specialized capabilities offer services across industry functional systems like Sales and Marketing, Operational Analysis, Human Resource Management, Web Enabled Eco System and Inventory Management system.


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